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Understanding Dependency Injection by example with the Symfony DI component (part 1/2) | Titouan Galopin

Zitat: In this article and in its follow-up, I would like to discuss the reasons why Dependency Injection matters and guide you inside the Symfony 4 Dependency Injection component internals, in order to better understand how to use its features.

How to Build a Low-tech Website? | LOW←TECH MAGAZINE

Zitat: Low-tech Magazine was born in 2007 and has seen minimal changes ever since. Because a website redesign was long overdue — and because we try to practice what we preach — we decided to build a low-tech, self-hosted, and solar-powered version of Low-tech Magazine. The new blog is designed to radically reduce the energy use associated with accessing our content.

Robert Basic ist tot – ein Nachruf. - BASIC thinking

Zitat: Was für ein unglaublich trauriger Tag. 2003 hat Robert Basic diese Seite gegründet, den ersten Artikel geschrieben und fortan nahezu täglich seine Gedanken auf BASIC thinking veröffentlicht. Heute Nacht ist Robert Basic verstorben, wie Don Dahlmann bekannt gegeben hat.

Web-Bytecode: So sieht die Zukunft für Webassembly aus - Golem.de

Zitat: Webassembly ist eine der vielversprechendsten Webtechnologien, doch noch fehlen wichtige Features. Die Mozilla-Entwicklerin Lin Clark erklärt, welche Entwicklungen bevorstehen.

The Most Basic Git Command List - TutorialDocs

Zitat: In general, you just need to remember the following 6 commands for the daily use. However, in order to be sure you're comfortable using Git, you should remember 60 to 100 commands.

Der Unterschied zwischen "||" und "or" bzw. "&&" und "and" | PHP Gangsta

Zitat: && bzw. || sind höher in der Reihenfolge als das Gleichheitszeichen „=“. „and“ bzw. „or“ sind niedriger als „=“.

New in Symfony 4.2: Important deprecations | Symfony Blog

Zitat: The UPGRADE-4.2.md document explains all deprecations in details and you'll see them too in the Web Debug Toolbar, the profiler and when running tests. This article summarizes the most important deprecations so you can start upgrading your Symfony 4 apps.

New in Symfony 4.2: Wait until processes are ready | Symfony Blog

Zitat: In Symfony 4.2 we've added a new waitUntil() method which receives a callback as argument and keeps waiting until the callback returns true.

E-Sport - Staat & Verbände gehen große Schritte in Richtung E-Sport | GameStar

Zitat: Der Deutsche Motorsportbund als auch das Auswärtige Amt erkennen E-Sport an und betonen den sportlichen Charakter des digitalen Kräftemessens. Noch gibt es aber Vorurteile.

Brief History of Tools Watching and Changing Your PHP Code | Tomas Votruba

Zitat: From coding standard tools, over static analysis to instant upgrade tools. This post is going to be a geeky history trip.

New in Symfony 4.2: Improved form type extensions | Symfony Blog

Zitat: in Symfony 4.2, form type extensions no longer require any service configuration.

Klima-Bericht: »Die wichtigsten Jahre der Geschichte« - Spektrum der Wissenschaft

Zitat: Der neue IPCC-Bericht zum 1,5-Grad-Ziel schlägt einen optimistischen Ton an: Die Welt könne ungefähr so bleiben, wie wir sie kennen - nötig wären schnelle und drastische Maßnahmen.

Low-Tech Game Systems | The Games Journal

Zitat: Game systems (sets of components that function together in multiple games, such as decks of cards) are probably almost as old as games themselves. For thousands of years, humans have often had more intelligence and energy than are required to survive long enough to reproduce, so it is in our nature to game.

302 Found | evertpot.com

Zitat: The 302 is misused in two ways. Like 301 Moved Permanently, the original intent of the specification was if a client hits a url and sees the 302, it should repeat the exact same request on the new location. Browsers don’t do this, and tend to convert POST requests to GET.

Test-driving repository classes - Part 1: Queries — Matthias Noback

Zitat: For repository classes it should work the same way. Testing if some query in the repository class works, means that you should load some fixtures for records that would match the criteria. But you shouldn't forget to add some records that wouldn't match the criteria too.

What’s in the sweeping copyright bill just passed by the European Parliament | Ars Technica

Zitat: The European Parliament has approved a package of dramatic changes to copyright law that will have big implications for the future of the Internet.

The Full Throttle Remastered FMV Pipeline: Part 1 | Gamasutra: Trevor Diem's Blog

Zitat: Full Throttle is a point-and-click adventure game that was published by LucasArts way back in the 20th century, April of 1995. In addition to the standard point-and-click visual gameplay style of the time (character sprites moving around in front of a still backdrop) the game also featured full motion video (FMV) for both non-interactive cutscenes and interactive gameplay modes. This FMV technology further advanced the storytelling aspect of the genre because it allowed the creators to use computer rendered frame sequences while maintaining low CPU overhead.

FAR: Lone Sails - Gamescom-Video: Viele Design-Entscheidungen erklärt - GameStar

Zitat: In diesem Video erklärt das Team, worum es in FAR: Lone Sails geht und wie das Spiel funktioniert. Wir bekommen aber auch einen spannenden Einblick in einige Design-Entscheidungen der Entwickler, beispielsweise beim Level- und Aufgaben-Design. Auch das Audio-Design ist bei FAR: Lone Sails sehr wichtig, sowohl die Geräusche als auch die Musik. (Video: 11:58 Min.)

Radar evidence of subglacial liquid water on Mars | Science

Zitat: On the basis of the evident analogy of the physical phenomena on Earth and Mars, we can infer that the high permittivity values retrieved for the bright area below the SPLD are due to (partially) water-saturated materials and/or layers of liquid water.

How do MVC routers work - codediesel

Zitat: A MVC Router class or a Dispatcher inspects the URL of an HTTP request and attempts to match individual URL components to a Controller and a method defined in that controller, passing along any arguments to the method defined.

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