Where a curly bracket belongs - Stitcher

Zitat: Thinking about how we read and write code not only improves the quality of that code, it also increases our own and others ease of mind when working with it. It can improve the fluency of your work and free your mind to think about real important stuff.

PHP Sessions in Depth | php[architect]

Zitat: PHP Sessions are often taken for granted. A session is a magic array which persists across page loads and holds user-specific data. It’s a fantastic and integral part of most web applications. But when misused, sessions can cause substantial security holes, performance and scalability problems, and data corruption. A deep understanding of sessions is vital to production web development in PHP.

How I redesigned my blog and moved it from Jekyll to Laravel | Christoph Rumpel

Zitat: One of my resolutions for 2017 was to redesign my blog. One week before the new year I faced myself with the challenge and thought to myself if this was still doable. Somehow I managed it and here it is. In this article I will explain the process and show you how I redesigned the blog with Tailwind CSS and moved it from Jekyll to Laravel with keeping almost the same performance.

Have you tried Composer Scripts? You may not need Phing. — Martin Hujer

Zitat: Phing is a great tool (I'm using it as well), but in this article, I want to show you that some projects may not need it. Composer contains a powerful feature called "Scripts", which can be used to create a simple build script.

Passing data to layouts in Blade through extends — Sebastian De Deyne

Zitat: The @extends Blade directive accepts a second (undocumented) parameter to pass data to the parent layout.

Optimizing colinodell/json5 with Blackfire | Colin O'Dell

Zitat: mb_substr() is a very expensive operation due to how UTF-8 strings work: encoded characters have variable lengths between 8 and 32 bits. If you want the 5th character you can't simply look at the fifth byte (like with ASCII strings) because you don't know how many bytes the preceeding 4 characters are using - you always need to count from the beginning of the string. So everytime my code wanted to know the character at position x it would use mb_substr() to read each individual character from the start of the string through position x.

Updates: Wie man Spectre und Meltdown los wird - Golem.de

Zitat: Sicherheitslücken in fast allen modernen Prozessoren verunsichern seit der vergangenen Woche Privatanwender und Administratoren. Wir erklären, was Nutzer derzeit unternehmen sollten und wo noch Unklarheit besteht. Dabei konzentrieren wir uns auf Desktop- und Server-Systeme.

Neues aus dem Fernsehrat (20): Drohende Löschwelle öffentlich-rechtlicher Inhalte bei YouTube – netzpolitik.org

Zitat: Auch nach dem Ende der 7-Tages-Frist werden ARD, ZDF und Co weiterhin depublizieren, weil Rechte für längere Verweildauern fehlen. Aber selbst wo die Rechte vorhanden wären, drohen Löschungen in Mediatheken und YouTube-Kanälen solange die grundsätzliche Depublizierungspflicht fortbesteht.

Things that weren't so obvious when you starting to program in Python | dev.to - Darío Benítez

  • One line conditionals
  • One line filtering lists
  • One line sum list values

Laravel Model Caching - Laravel News

Zitat: Using the model’s touch() method, we can update an article’s updated_at column

A rant about best practices — Left on the Web

Zitat: When writing code, you should, of course, keep all the best practices in mind that you can think of. But there is no need to consider them all at the same time. Make a balance between code quality and speed of development, applying the best practices that apply to the situation you're in at that point. The best practices are best practices for a majority of the situations, but they are generalized so as to apply to a majority of the situations. This also means they may not apply to your situation, or there may be more important things you should weigh in.

Release Add Psalter, a tool to fix the issues Psalm finds | GitHub - vimeo/psalm

Zitat: Psalm is good at finding potential issues in large codebases, but once found, it can be something of a gargantuan task to fix all the issues. This release introduces Psalter, designed to fix issues that Psalm finds.

What version of PHP should my package support? - BrandonSavage.net

Zitat: Second, in my opinion maintainers should make every effort to support the lowest currently supported version of PHP, through providing support for older packages. This support need not be comprehensive; it can simply be security-only fixes. The key here is that package maintainers not abandon users of the package who are using it on older (but still supported versions) of PHP.

Psychologie: Virtual Reality hilft bei der Angstforschung | VRODO

Zitat: Mit der VR-Brille wenden deutsche Forscher vom Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf ein bekanntes Experiment der Verhaltensforschung erstmals unter Laborbedingungen auf den Menschen an.

How Meltdown and Spectre Were Independently Discovered By Four Research Teams At Once | WIRED

Zitat: In fact, the bizarre confluence of so many disparate researchers making the same discovery of two-decade-old vulnerabilities raises the question of who else might have found the attacks before them—and who might have secretly used them for spying, potentially for years, before this week's revelations and the flood of software fixes from practically every major tech firm that have rushed to contain the threat.

How to avoid TokenMismatchException on logout? - Laravel Daily

Zitat: If you stay too long on one form or get away from your computer, and then go back to fill it in – you may get a TokenMismatchException, because the CSRF token won’t be the same. It kinda makes sense, but the problem I recently discovered that it does the same for logout (which is also a form). And that’s pretty silly, so how to avoid it?

Analyse zur Prozessorlücke: Meltdown und Spectre sind ein Security-Supergau | heise online

Zitat: Die Forscher sorgen nun dafür, dass die Spekulation bei einem bestimmten Befehl (bedingter oder indirekter Sprung, Exception etc) immer schief geht und dass die Zeit, bis der Prozessor die fehlerhafte Spekulation erkennt, möglichst lang ist. Dann ist genügend Zeit (zum Teil 100 Takte und mehr), um zahlreiche nachfolgende Befehle „transient“ auszuführen. Das heißt, die transienten Befehle werden nur spekulativ mit internen Registern und nie wirklich mit den Architekturregistern ausgeführt, sie können also auch nie eine Exception generieren, egal welchen Unsinn sie anstellen.

PSP: Auch AMDs „Management Engine“ hat Sicherheitslücke - ComputerBase

Zitat: Das Problem in der PSP-Firmware ist ein Buffer Overflow, anhand dessen sich im Platform Security Processor beliebiger Code ausführen lässt. Um die Sicherheitslücke auszunutzen sind anscheinend Administrator- beziehungsweise Root-Rechte erforderlich.

Kurznachrichtendienst: Trump darf auf Twitter Kim weiter drohen - Golem.de

Zitat: Twitter verbietet offene Drohungen. Das gilt aber nicht für alle Nutzer: Ein höchst umstrittener Tweet von US-Präsident Donald Trump wird nicht gelöscht. Twitter begründet das mit dem öffentlichen Interesse an den Äußerungen von Politikern.

Origin Stories: Devs recount their first game design experiences | Gamasutra

Zitat: Every game developer starts somewhere. Maybe it was a goofy little Twine project. Maybe it was a mod level. Maybe it was drawing a D&D module on graph paper [...] Everyone remembers a key moment when they first realized that they could write their own rules, design their own systems, tell their own interactive stories, and create their own virtual worlds.